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Volume: 25 - Issue: 2
Release: June 2017


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In this issue...

Editorial: - Sharing is Caring Cowin AJ Download
The pH of wounds during healing and infection: a descriptive literature review Bennison LR, Miller CN, Summers RJ, Minnis AMB, Sussman G & McGuiness W Download
Systematic review of the impact and treatment of malnutrition in patients with chronic vascular wounds Stopher L & Jansen S Download
A trial of two prophylactic sacral dressings (2PSD) in the prevention of Stage 1 sacral pressure injury in the critically ill patient: A study protocol Gordon J, Stankiewicz M, Pollock H, Christensen M, Barker-Gregory N & Dulhunty J Download
Causes and consideration with chronic wounds: a narrative review of the evidence Munro G Download
Treatment of invasive aspergillusassociated wound infection incorporating topical amphotericin B Warren LR, Bhattacharjya S, Abrol N, Russell C & Antony-Olakkengil S Download
Management of complicated sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus disease Whiteley I & Keshava A Download
Evidence Summary: Wound Management Low Resource Communities - Aloe vera for wound healing Wound Healing and Management Node Group Download
Evidence Summary: Wound management: medical-grade honey Wound Healing and Management Node Group Download



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