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Volume: 26 - Issue: 2
Release: June 2018


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In this issue...

Editorial: Wounds Australia’s Five Point Plan to Reduce the Burden of Chronic Wounds Buck A Download
Advanced wound therapies Ahangar P, Woodward M Cowin AJ Download
Taking up the challenge — neuroischaemic diabetic foot ulcers Galea E Download
Evaluating the effectiveness of silicone multilayer foam dressing in preventing heel pressure injury among critically ill patients in Singapore. Teo KY, Ang SY, Bian L, Cheah ES, Somera MA, Ahmad NH, Lim SH, Goh HQI & Aloweni FAB Download
Solutions to the chronic wounds problem in Australia: a call to action Pacella RE, Tulleners R, Cheng Q, Burkett E, Edwards H, Yelland S, Brain D, Bingley J, Lazzarini P, Warnock J, Barnsbee L, Pacella T, Clark K, Smith M, Griffiths I, Sussman G, van Netten J, Gibb M, Gordon J, Harvey G, Hickling D, Lee X, Ploderer B, Vallejo A, Whalley S & Graves N Download
Skin tear prevention in elderly patients using twice-daily moisturiser Finch K, Osseiran-Moisson R, Carville K, Leslie G & Dwyer M Download
Evidence Summary: Skin care to reduce the risk of pressure injuries Wound Healing and Management Node Download
Evidence Summary: Moisture Associated Skin Damage: Classification and Assessment Wound Healing and Management Node Download



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