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Margo Asimus
Margo Asimus
Australia’s nurse practitioner for 2013

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Winning the Trifecta in Wound Management:
Client, Carer, Clinician

Friday, October 13 2017

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Wounds Australia

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AWMA(NSW) Incorporated

Restructure / Nationalisation

The Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA) has developed a proposal to move from its current state and territory based structure, comprised of individually incorporated Associations (each with their own Constitution) to a national structure, comprised of a single Company limited by Guarantee with a single Constitution, in order to better meet the Association’s objectives and support and grow the Association.

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Mission statement

AWMA (NSW) Incorporated is a branch of the Australian Wound Management Association national body and in partnership and collaboration with its members, consumers and other stakeholders aims to provide leadership and education in the prevention and management of skin integrity and wound care in NSW.

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Postal Address:

351 Park Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205


Dianne Carr (Park Street Secretarial)
351 Park Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205

P: 03 9696 1210
F: 03 9696 1684
E: info.nsw@woundsaustralia.com.au

NB. Administrative queries only. No clinical advice or support is available through this contact

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