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Grants and Scholarships Program

Grant and Scholarship Program Guideline
Effective 1 July 2016

The following format for providing grants and scholarships to the membership is outlined below. The Wounds Australia Board will continue to monitor uptake and amounts requested to assist with future planning and budget setting.


Restricted  Eligibility
Charles Lucre Scholarship
ACT members
Helen Dengate Scholarship
ACT members
Janet Vincent Scholarship
South Australian members
Jan Rice Volunteer Service
Victorian member undertaking a project that involves a volunteering activity or work placement related to wound management care or education
Sandy Dean Memorial
Victorian member
Winifred Felle Education & Research Fund
8,000 - 9,000
Western Australian member
Total (approximate)

Open Eligibility (All Members)
Professional Development
Grants ‐ Non‐specific
All amounts considered up to; must be substantiated following Wounds Australia proscribed process and documents; includes state based, national or international opportunities and conferences; no minimum or maximum (up to allocated resource); all membership types apart from Corporate eligible
Early Researcher Grant
Established Researcher
Total (approximate)


Wounds Australia is pleased to make available the following Grants and Scholarship Program to Full individual, Associate and Life members of Wounds Australia (Corporate Industry and Corporate Organisation members are ineligible to apply). All applicants for all grants and scholarships will abide by the criteria and conditions detailed in this document.

Please refer to the following links for more information regarding the Restricted Eligibility Grants & Scholarships listed below:

Charles Lucre Scholarship (Australian Capital Territory members)
Helen Dengate Scholarship (Australian Capital Territory members)
Janet Vincent Scholarship (South Australian members)
Jan Rice Volunteer Service Award (Victorian members)
Sandy Dean Memorial Scholarship (Victorian members) – available from 2017
Winifred Felle Education & Research Fund (Western Australia member)
Wounds Australia Research Grant

PLEASE NOTE: ALL APPLICATIONS MUST USE THE CURRENT WOUNDS AUSTRALIA APPLICATION FORM.  OLDER, STATE BASED FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Some Restricted Eligibility Grants and Scholarships have specific requirements.  These will need to be addressed either within the application form or in an additional attachment.

The Jan Rice Volunteer Service Award and the Sandy Dean Memorial Scholarship have specific assessment criteria.  If you are applying for one of these scholarships, you must ensure your application addresses all the specific assessment criteria, which can be found by clicking on the scholarship links above.   To address these criteria, an attachment containing additional information should be included.

The application process for the Wounds Australia Grants & Scholarship Program will operate as two six monthly cycles with half the overall money available made available for each cycle, and the restricted grants and scholarship monies being available in the first cycle of the financial year.

Any unallocated monies from the previous cycle will be rolled over as part of the pool for the next cycle within the same financial year. Applications must be made by 31 January and 31 July of each calendar year.

Applicants applying for Grants and Scholarship Program in the Open Eligibility section must complete the Wounds Australia Grants & Scholarship Program Application form. The form and any relevant substantiation (receipts, conference programs etc.) must be submitted to secretariat@woundsaustralia.com.au by the relevant due date. No late applications will be accepted. Applications that have not used the Application Form and the proforma will not be accepted.

Applicants will be notified by the Wounds Australia Grants & Scholarships Committee within 60 days of the closing date as to whether they have been successful in obtaining a Grant or Scholarship.

To support the members of Wounds Australia to access and participate in professional development that will further the Philosophy of Wounds Australia.

Wounds Australia believes that all people with, or who are likely to develop, a wound are entitled to receive personalised care and management that is supported by current best practice.

Applications for funding may be as small as needed or as large as needed within the financial limitations of the program.

The Wounds Australia Grants and Scholarship committee may award funds to worthy applications up to the amounts allocated, but have no obligation to acquit the full amount in the absence of worthy applications.

The Grants and Scholarship Committee will review applications against the following criteria and considerations:

  1. Applicability of the request to the Philosophy of Wounds Australia.

  2. Equity for membership, including geographical location, previous support, external support and contribution to Wounds Australia.

  3. Where members are requesting an amount great than AUS$1,000 they will have been a financial member of Wounds Australia (previously AWMA) for at least three consecutive years.

  4. Quality of application and clarity of the benefit to the member, the Wounds Australia community and people with wounds.

  5. Applications can include costs such as conference or short course registration fees, travel costs associated with attending a conference, short course or Watching Others Work (WOW) program and accommodation expenses associated with the period of the conference, short course or WOW program.

  6. Grants and Scholarships will not be provided to support the cost of study programs that contribute to the attainment of an undergraduate or post graduate program, except where the Grant or Scholarship will support the undertaking of research.

  7. Scholarships will only be awarded prospectively. Funds will not be awarded to a program that has already been commenced or completed. When considering a program the member should consider the application closing dates and the time frame to notify applicants. Scholarships are generally awarded for programs that will commence within 12 months of being awarded. Grants for research may be awarded to a project that has already commenced but is not completed.

  8. All applications must include a breakdown of costs. These must be reasonable costs. Travel costs must be consistent with Wounds Australia's travel policy (available upon request). Members who are successful in obtaining a Grant or Scholarship are expected to retain receipts and to submit these to substantiate their claim.

  9. Grant and scholarship costs will not be provided for meals and entertainment.

    Example: A conference registration fee may be supported however, the cost of the conference ball will not be.

  10. Where a member is awarded a Grant or Scholarship and they are not able to participate in the program applied for then the amount awarded must be reimbursed to Wounds Australia; in exceptional circumstances this may be negotiated with the Grants and Scholarship Committee (e.g. if the member identifies a suitable alternative program).

  11. Wounds Australia retains the right to publish grant and scholarship recipients on its website, newsletters, and in other forums.

  12. Wounds Australia retains the right to withdraw its funding prior to and within 30 days after the educational event if it is found that the educational event in any way contravenes the grant criteria and request full return of all funds.

  13. The provision of the agreed funds for the activity outlined in the submission to Wounds Australia, in no way makes Wounds Australia legally liable for any financial or legal responsibilities incurred by the fund recipient.


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