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Apart from the main State Body Wounds Australia(Qld) has a number of official regional Subgroups (SG) and Wound Interest Groups (WIG). These SG & WIG’s are an integral component of Wounds Australia. They facilitate the important aspects in the promotion of the Wounds Australia(Qld) goals, especially over such a large and diverse state. Each group takes the responsibility of hosting their own meetings and educational sessions for Wounds Australia(Qld) members in their area. Membership to a SG/WIG in your area is reciprocal of your Wounds Australia(Qld) membership. You are welcome to attend any events held by your SG/WIG (note: pre-registration and fees may apply). To be placed on your SG/WIG contact list or make enquiries see contact details below.

There are currently subgroup/wound interest groups in:

Gold Coast


If you are a current member or considering membership to the Wounds Australia(Qld), and would like to become a reciprocal member of a SG/WIG in your area please contact the group as per above or the Wounds Australia Secretariat as per below.

If you would like to enquire about forming a Subgroup or Wound Interest Group in your region if one does not exist, please contact Wounds Australia(Qld) for details.

General Enquiry:
Wounds Australia (QLD) Secretariat
e: info.qld@woundsaustralia.com.au
p: 07 3348 7380

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