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Wednesday 5 Dec 2018

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The inaugural meeting of the South Australian Wound Management Association (SAWMA) was held in late 1991 and the first election of committee members held in February 1992. In February 2011 the name of the Association was changed to the Australian Wound Management Association (South Australia) or AWMA(SA). Since 1991 there have been many committee members who have all made valuable contributions to building and developing the Association. AWMA(SA) sincerely thanks all past and present committee members for the selfless giving of their time, knowledge and commitment.

The Office Bearers provide vital support the committee and general membership. Positions are: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Officer. Each Office Bearer has designated responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the Association and its activities. AWMA(SA) greatly appreciates the significant time and effort contributed by the Office Bearers throughout the history of the Association.

Two other key positions on the AWMA(SA) committee are the newsletter editor and representative to the committee of the Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA). These roles ensure that information and contemporary issues are communicated at a state level - to the membership of AWMA(SA) and at a national level – to AWMA. AWMA(SA) values the considerable contribution made by its members who have fulfilled these roles.

A key position within the committee is the President. The President of AWMA(SA) has a pivotal role in providing leadership and vision to the committee and the Association. AWMA(SA) acknowledges the contribution of the Presidents and extends them sincere gratitude for their dedication and guidance.


SAWMA / AWMA (SA) Presidents
President Term
Tal Ellis 1992, 1993
Carolyn George 1994
Dagmar Lockwood 1995, 1996
Jenny Bradley 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
Judith Manning 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Margi Moncrieff 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Sue Templeton 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Frank Guerriero 2013, 2014, 2015
Paul Philcox - Acting 2016
SAWMA / AWMA(SA) Committee Members 1992 - 2014
Wounds Australia (SA) Chairs  
Chair Term
Paul Philcox 2017, 2018


 Current Wounds Australia(SA) Committee Members


PhotoMs Rosa Stewart
Financial Liaison

Discipline: Nursing

I began training as an Enrolled nurse at Flinders Medical Centre in 1981. I have worked in many different areas since then, including: Agency Nursing (NSB), Clinic 275 sexual health, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and a Dermatology Outpatient Department.

I am currently working as an Enrolled Nurse in a public hospital and practice primarily in the area of Ambulatory Care & Outpatient Services for Cardiology and Medical Specialities, working with adult patients. I mainly focus on clinical practice and consider my practice to be very complex. In my role I have a moderate amount of professional independence and have easy access to other health professionals and resources. I have been a committee member of AWMA(SA) since 2007.


Jan CookMs Jan Cook
Committee Member

I currently work at a large GP practice in the North Eastern Suburbs. My position involves wound management, along with vaccinations, triaging patients over the phone and in person. I enjoy the challenges and variety of the work.

Previous to Nursing I spent time doing medical research into vaccines, such as the typhoid, pneumococcal and cholera vaccines. This has come a full circle as I now administer these vaccines to patients at the surgery.

I started my nursing career in 2011 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital as a Registered Nurse after completing my Bachelor of Nursing in 2010. I became interested in wound management during my degree and whilst working at the RAH. I realized I didn’t understand wound management and decided that I needed to. I am currently studying for a Graduate Diploma in Wound Care at Monash University. I joined AWMA in 2012 to further my understanding of wound management. There is nothing more satisfying than healing a recalcitrant wound.

PhotoMs Rebecca Daebeler
Committee Member

Discipline: Podiatry

I have worked at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) since 2002 as the Manager of Podiatry services. The Podiatry Department at FMC specialises in wound and high risk management of the lower limb and works within a multi-disciplinary framework.

Since my graduation in 1992 my role in Podiatry has involved working in rural settings through the states Mid - North and the Murray Mallee regions.

This incorporated a broad scope of service provision including wound management to isolated rural communities.

I have an avid interest in wound management and working towards raising the profile of podiatry intervention and scope of practice.

Ms Mariela Edgar
Committee Member


Ms Sara Driver
Committee Member

Discipline: Nursing

I graduated as a Registered Nurse in the UK in 1995, working the first part of my career in Acute and Critical Care. In 2006 I moved into General Practice and it was there in the community that my interest in Wound Management was first ignited. In collaboration with clients and families, I realised as a practitioner I could make a significant contribution to improving outcomes for clients living everyday with an often slow to progress wound.

Migrating to Adelaide in 2009, I began working for RDNS SA as a community RN progressing to CN in a clinical wound research role. Over this time, I have gained extensive exposure to a wide variety of clients with complex wounds, which, has greatly enhanced my clinical knowledge and assisted in the development of advanced skills in holistic wound management.

I currently work as Clinical Practice Consultant in Wound Management, providing clinical input and oversight into the care of clients in the home and clinic environment. The clinic gives some clients the opportunity to receive Low Frequency Ultrasonic Debridement as part of their management plan. I am also responsible for supporting and educating staff around all aspects of wound management including prevention, as well as being involved in the overall development in the Wound Management Portfolio.

Mr James Hobbs
Committee Member

Discipline: Nursing

I emigrated from the UK to Adelaide with my young family in April 2016 and I currently work for Calvary Community Care as a community registered nurse. The first 4 years as a registered nurse I worked in the community setting based in West Yorkshire. In 2012 I undertook my Masters module in Tissue Viability and Wound Management and in the same year secured a post as a Tissue Viability nurse (TVN) for Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust in the UK.

This role involved working within a team of 5 TVNs, 2 equipment coordinators/educators and 1 part time secretary. Together, we served patients with chronic and complex wounds and any of the multidisciplinary team who would care for them. The patient and staff catchment was limited to within the boundaries of Calderdale and Huddersfield. This involved 2 hospitals (approximately 800 beds) plus a community of around 460,000 people. My job involved educating staff in areas such as, pressure injury prevention and management and general wound management. I was also responsible for a quarterly ‘link nurse’ meeting which would last a full day with varying speakers and discussions around all things wound-related. I would perform thorough holistic assessments of patients with chronic/complex wounds in any one of the healthcare settings within the said locality. I worked in this role for the next 4 years until I emigrated.

I am passionate about chronic wound management and helping patients with disabilitating wounds, particularly in the community.

PhotoMs Margi Moncrieff
Committee Member

Discipline: Nursing

I have worked at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) since 1989 and since 1998, worked as the hospital’s Wound Management Consultant. My role integrates care delivery to patients with a wide range of wound etiologies in all inpatient areas of the hospital, including Accident and Emergency. It also extends to the outpatient departments and incorporates consultation to the wider community. In 1999 I established a nurse led wound management clinic which continues to expand in operation .I provide education within FMC to medical students, interns and nursing staff. I also teach and present lectures to the wider community and am committed to disseminating knowledge and skills, to empower nurses to make a difference in the lives of individuals who have a wound. In December 2004, I completed my Masters degree and in December 2005 I was endorsed by the Nurses Board as a Nurse Practitioner.

Heather NicolasHeather Nicolas
Committee Member

Discipline: Nursing

I began studying Enrolled Nursing at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 1985. Between 1987 and 2001 I worked in the Radiology Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Following this I decided to change to a more patient care focused role, working as agency nurse in many different South Australian Hospitals. In 2007, after completing my Diploma in Enrolled Nursing, I commenced work in TQEH Outpatients Department. It was here I discovered my love for wound management and completed multiple wound focused courses along the way. In 2008 I was awarded The Anne Crough Award for Post-Graduate Education for the study I had undertaken the previous year. I am currently working in the Outpatient Department at the TQEH. As well as being exposed to wound management on a daily basis, I also assist in the education of many students to our area.

PhotoMs Sue Templeton
Committee Member

Discipline: Nursing 

I am currently the Nurse Practitioner Wound Management for RDNS SA in Adelaide. My position involves clinical management and consultation for clients with all wound aetiologies over the Adelaide metropolitan area. I am also responsible for wound management policy and resource development and education in RDNS SA. I have worked in wound management since 1987 and have experience in the acute and community sectors. 

I regularly provide wound management education to health professionals of all levels in a variety of settings. I have published locally and nationally and presented at conferences and seminars locally, nationally and internationally. I was Vice-President of AWMA 2010-2011, and am active on a number of national boards, sub-committees and portfolios. I am passionate about improving outcomes for persons with a wound and empowering others to deliver best practice in wound management.


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