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Wednesday 5 Dec 2018

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Welcome to the Wounds Australia(South Australia), formerly AWMA(SA), web site. Wounds Australia(SA) is a multidisciplinary group of health professionals interested in contemporary wound management. The objectives of Wounds Australia(SA) are:

Wounds Australia(SA) encourages diverse membership. Current Wounds Australia members include: nurses, podiatrists, pharmacists, medical officers and other disciplines. Wounds Australia welcomes persons from all professional backgrounds including clinical practice, education and research. Wounds Australia is non partisan in its approach to companies and products.

Wounds Australia members include nationally respected wound management practitioners. A number of members have published in local and national publications and presented at various conferences and seminars.

Wounds Australia(SA) has numerous accomplishments. These include:
An active and dynamic committee. 
A regularly updated web site that provides information, resources and links.
Facilitation of regular education nights and seminar days.
Publication of a quarterly newsletter and subscription to Wound Practice and Research wound journal for members.

Wounds Australia(SA) is a branch of the national body, Wounds Australia. Wounds Australia is the peak political and professional wound management body in Australia. The philosophy of Wounds Australia is supported by Wounds Australia(SA): “Wounds Australia believe that all people with, or who are likely to develop a wound are entitled to receive personalised care and management that is supported by current, validated research”.

If you are a Wounds Australia member we welcome you to your web site. If you are not a member we welcome your interest in our site. If you are not a member we would encourage you to consider a membership subscription. Membership information is available here.


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