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Wounds Australia (Tasmania)

Planning is under way for the Virtual Wound Wagon in the latter part of the year
Stay tuned as the exciting program is developed and promoted.

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Wounds Australia(Tasmania)

Virtual Wound Wagon event planned for later this year

Check back later
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Wounds Australia (Tasmania)

The Wounds Australia (Tasmania) branch was reformed on March 28th.  Membership has been drawn from across the state and the branch committee and members are very excited about the upcoming wound education program planned for later this year.

Planning for the Virtual Wound Wagon is underway and will be in late October or early November.  The program will take place simultaneously at three sites, Hobart, Launceston and Ulverstone and will follow a similar format to previous seminars.

Members will be advised as soon as our arrangements are firmed up.

The following people were elected for 1 year to guide Wounds Australia (Tasmania).

Clarissa Young Lead, Deb Geard secretary, Lea Young Education Lead Bebe Brown and Robyn Anderson, financial support.

The next committee meeting will be a teleconference on May 19th.


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