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Jan Rice Volunteer Service Award: $3000
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Wounds Australia(Vic) feedback

Life Membership

Life membership awarded by the Committee to an individual in recognition of services rendered to Wounds Australia and/or for outstanding development and/or achievement in wound management.

A Life member is eligible to have one vote at each general meeting and is eligible to hold an elected office or committee position. A life member is ineligible to have a vote at committee meetings unless they hold a committee position.

Nominations will be accepted from any current financial member of the Wounds Australia (Vic) but not a self-nomination.

To nominate a current Wounds Australia(Vic) member, the life member nomination form needs to be completed and accompanied by a letter of support outlining the nominee’s achievements in at least two on the suitability categories. A brief Curriculum Vitae is also required of the nominee.

Suitability Criteria:
Candidacy and suitability for fellowship will be exemplified by at least two of the following categories.

  1. Outstanding contribution to Wounds Australia(Vic) Committee activities.
  2. Educational leadership
  3. Research leadership
  4. Clinical leadership in wound management

Life membership will be awarded at the Wounds Australia(Vic) State Conference or AGM.

Call for nominations will be announced 3 months prior the Wounds Australia(Vic) conference or AGM. Closing date of nominations will be 4 weeks prior to the conference or AGM.

Download the life member nomination form

Wounds Australia(Vic) Life Members

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