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Wounds Australia(Vic) feedback

Conference Report 2017

Wounds Australia (Victoria) State Conference 17th November 2017
Report by Hannah Tudor
Photos by Linda Raymond
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On Friday 17th of November, Wounds Australia (Victoria) hosted its bi-annual State Conference; ‘Wound Management: Setting the Standard,’ at Mantra Bell City in Preston. 297 delegates and trade representatives from across Victoria and interstate were registered for the event which featured plenary sessions by both local and interstate presenters including; Carolina Weller, Ann Marie Dunk, Judith Barker, Kylie Elder, Sue Atkins and Terry Swanston. Smaller group forum sessions also held on the day provided a more intimate learning environment allowing delegates greater interaction with the facilitators and the group. Gold sponsor, Smith and Nephew, believed the event provided a great opportunity to meet with delegates and discuss strategies for tailoring wound care programs to meet personal needs. Matt from Smith and Nephew reported the company was proud to be in partnership with Wounds Australia for the bi-annual event.

Highlighting the event was a panel discussion showcasing the recently released ‘Wounds Australia Consensus Document on Application of Aseptic Technique in Wound Dressing Procedure’. The panel featured Kylie Elder, a senior Clinical Nurse Advisor in wound management from Bolton-Clark and a member of the Education Pillar with Wounds Australia; Sue Atkins a New Zealand trained Registered Comprehensive Nurse and Infection Control Practitioner and an Australian Credentialed Infection Control Professional, with over 16 years’ experience in the field and; Terry Swanson an Endorsed Nurse Practitioner in Wound Management since 2004, who is recognised for her significant contributions to wound management at state, national and international levels and the immediate past Chair of the International Wound Infection Institute.

The document released by Wounds Australia dispels previously held myths surrounding the storage of opened unused dressings as well as wound cleansing practices both in the community and acute care setting. The document sets a new standard for the use of aseptic technique during wound dressing procedure and is the first of its kind in Australia. Some of the key practice tips from the presentation included;

The consensus document is available free to download from the Wounds Australia website at www.woundsaustralia.com.au.

Forum sessions at the conference featured additional presenters; Janie Beckhouse, Jan Rice and Felicity Morrow who presented sessions on Oedema Assessment and Compression Basics; Wound Dressings 101; and Communication for Wound Management: Referrals and Clinical Handover, respectively. Jan’s session highlighted that with so many varieties of products appearing on the market, it is important to have an understanding of the categories of the dressings, their functions and what makes each of them unique. Forum sessions were followed by a delightful lunch, trade exhibition and poster presentations.

Poster presentations held at the conference gave attendees insight into emerging research and case studies. ‘Reducing variation in care: Implementing a pressure injury prevention standard of care in ICU’, by Justin Bradley (presented by Gill Butcher) was awarded best poster presentation. Justin’s work demonstrated reductions in pressure injury incidence and severity over a 12 month period in the intensive care unit at Monash Health, after implementing a system including 10 standards of care for pressure injury prevention.

Conference convener Kate Waller closed the event with a heartfelt conference closing speech.  

Members of the conference and scientific committees for Wounds Australia (Victoria) Kate Waller (Conference convener and State Lead), Casie Barrette, Hannah Tudor, Linda Raymond, Gillian Butcher and Charne Miller would like to thank everyone who presented on the day, the delegates for their enthusiasm, industry partners for their support, the Wounds Australia National team for all their event management support and guidance; and most especially Di Carr for her tireless work done in preparation for the conference as well as on the day. The day was a success and we look forward to the next Victorian state conference in 2019.

A full wrap of the conference can be found in this month’s DeepTissues and at the following link http://deepestissues.realviewdigital.com/?iid=156787#folio=42



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