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Sandy Dean Memorial Grant Application

Applications are now open until the 31 July 2018. Funds of up to $3000 are available for each grant.

Wounds Australia (Victoria) aims to support its members to further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in wound care in order to improve patient care and outcomes. The Sandy Dean Memorial Grant is named in recognition and commemoration of Sandys extraordinary work in wound management. Over the years, Sandy played a vital role in educating others, caring for people with wounds and updating clinical practice guidelines to provide a foundation for future practice especially in the area of pressure injury prevention. Her legacy provided the foresight to recognise the importance of supporting members to enhance their professional development through education and networking with other professionals particularly through attendance at major conferences.

The Sandy Dean memorial grant is aimed at supporting members to attend a State or International conference in the field of wound management to promote the networking and professional development Sandy was so very passionate about.


Wounds Australia is pleased to offer this grant to support Victorian members to either attend their first wound care related conference or to support members who have not attended any wound care related conference for the last 3 years.


The award is A$3000


Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Applicant has been a member of Wounds Australia (Victoria) branch for a minimum of 2 years.
  2. Applicant must not have received the grant within the previous 4 years of the current application to ensure equal opportunity and access for all Wounds Australia (Victoria) members.
  3. Submissions will be considered for applicants to attend their first conference or for applicants who have not attended a conference for the past 3 years.
  4. The conference may be within Victoria, interstate or international.
  5. The funding can be used for expenses directly associated with the conference and may include but are not limited to:
    • Conference registration fees.
    • Travel costs associated with attending the conference.
    • Accommodation expenses associated with the period of the conference.
  6. The chosen conference must be related to wound management.
  7. The application must clearly describe the education aim, expected outcomes, and plans.
  8. The application must clearly outline the budgetary requirements that lists costs associated with the chosen conference, including:
    • Expected total costs
    • Funding being sought / obtained from other sources
    • What the Wounds Australia funding will be used for 
  9. The application must clearly outline the capacity of the individual to fulfil the requirements of the education activity and grant requirements including past compliance of the individual with responsibilities of grant recipient.
  10. This grant is allocated at the discretion of the Wounds Australia for a local, national or international conference that enhances the wound management knowledge and/or skills of its members.


Applications are to be completed using the Wounds Australia Grants and Scholarships application process: Click here

The above criteria should be addressed in the 'Program Details' and 'Budget Outline' section of the Program Application. If applicants require more space to address the specific criteria for the Sandy Deans Memorial Gran, they must provide an attachment that does so.

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