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Guidelines for Prevention and Mgt of Pressure Injury-Abr Ver
Guidelines for Prevention and Mgt of Pressure Injury-Abr Ver
This is an abridged version of the Pan Pacific Clinical Practice Guideline for the Prevention and Management of Pressure Injury.

The guideline was developed by Wound Australia (Australian Wound Management Association) in partnership with the New Zealand Wound Care Association, the Hong Kong Enterostomal Therapists Association and the Wound Healing Society of Singapore.

The guideline aims to optimise the prevention, assessment and management of pressure injuries (PIs) and represents best available evidence available up to August, 2011, and simplify clinical decision–making processes for health care professionals.

The guideline offers recommendations to help health care professionals provide quality care for patients of all ages and across a range of health care settings, such as acute care, post-acute care, community settings and long term care. The guideline is not intended to have a regulatory effect.
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