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Clinical Practice Guidelines - Mgt. of Pressure Injury
Clinical Practice Guidelines - Mgt. of Pressure Injury
The aim of the guideline is to increase awareness of PIs amongst health care professionals. The primary objectives are to promote the prevention and optimal care of patients at risk of, or with, PIs.

The guideline specifically seeks to assist health professionals to identify patients at risk of PI, identify strategies to assess PIs and factors related to their risk, prevent or delay complications associated with PIs, optimise management of PIs, and optimise quality of life.
The guideline is intended for use by health professionals including but not limited to medical and surgical specialists, general practitioners, allied health professionals, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, rural health workers and Indigenous health workers.
The guidelines could also be used as an informative source for consumers and unlicensed carers.

The guideline is intended for use in all health care settings in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote areas of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and other regions in the Pan Pacific and refers to people of all ages.
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