Life Membership

Our Life Membership is awarded to an individual in recognition of services rendered to Wounds Australia and/or for outstanding development and/or achievement in wound management.

Life members are exempt from any membership fees and are eligible for all the privileges of full Wounds Australia membership.

Our Life Members 

Andrea Minnis                                   Geoff Sussman                                                  Michael Stacey                                                   
Barbara Pedersen                               Jan Rice                                                            Michael Woodward                                  
Beth Sperring                                     Jan Wright                                                        Nancy Magazinovic                                      
Bill McGuiness                                    Jenny Prentice                                                  Pam Morey                                        
Brenda Ramstadius                            Judith Manning                                                 Paul Philcox                                   
Catherine (Kate) Sharp                       Juliet Scott                                                        Philip Sharp               
Clarissa Young                                   Keryln Carville                                                    Sandy Dean                   
Debbie Blanchfield                            Laurence Foley                                                   Sue Hoskin           
Donald MacLellan                              Margie Moncrieff                                               Sue Templeton    
Donna Larsen                                     Margo Asimus                                                   Tal Ellis
Fiona Wood                                       Michael Arthur                                                   Terry Swanson