2022 Federal Elections Advocacy Kit


Wounds Australia has released its Federal Election Report Cards for the major political parties and for five high-profile independents in the hotly contested races.

Candidates and parties were assessed on their policy positions including their support for the Royal Commission into Aged Care, commitment to pubic awareness campaigns and the skills of clinicians.

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Message from the Chair

Wounds Australia is committed to improving the prevention, treatment and healing of chronic wounds across Australia. We are the leading advocate and peak representative organisation for wounds in this country.
Wounds Australia has been responsible for increasing awareness and understanding of the hidden wound epidemic that is afflicting Australia through our advocacy agenda directly targeting politicians including Ministers.

The Wounds Australia 11 Point Plan  has been well received by all political parties. There is an increased understanding of how our Plan will dramatically improve the health and aged care systems. The 11 Point Plan delivers solutions driven policies and programs that will reduce the incidence of chronic wounds and treatment costs. These solutions will also elevate the status, skills and support of wound care professionals.

Wounds Australia has been making headway but more still needs to be done – and we need your help!

Between now and Election Day on Saturday 21 May you can help ensure the agenda is set for the next Federal Government to deliver the policies and programs needed to deliver real, sustainable and impactful change, no matter who is elected.

That’s why we’ve built this Advocacy Kit.

It gives you the information you need to be a strong local advocate, including:

  • facts on the impact of wounds in Australia
  • getting help from your colleagues, families, friend and clients
  • how to talk to your local politicians and candidates about wound issues.

Everything we’ve included on being an advocate is quick, simple and easy.

With just a small amount of time and effort from every member and supporter, we can all be part of driving the most important wound care reforms ever implemented in Australia.

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Advocacy Kit

The National Advocacy Team are successful political campaigners, lobbyists and media experts who have helped governments deliver important policies and programs all around Australia.

They have built this Kit because they see the enthusiasm of Wounds Australia members and supporters for improving the health and aged care systems. They want to share their experience and strategies on how best to influence politicians to do that.

Who are you and what do you need to do?

  • You don’t need to be an expert.
  • You just want to do your part to improve the lives of people suffering from wounds, and to support wound care experts and health professionals. You know it will take more just turning up to vote on Election Day.
  • You should use this Kit, share it, and help deliver change that starts in your local community. 

Seven Local Advocacy Tactics that work

Tactic 1: Make a phone Call  Download Here

Tactic 2: Send an email or letter  Download Here

Tactic 3: Town hall meetings & 'meet the candidate' events  Download Here

Tactic 4: Other public events  Download Here

Tactic 5: Office Visits  Download Here

Tactic 6: Wounds Australia Petition  Download Here

Tactic 7: Social Media  Download Here

Click here to download the sample email or letter  

Click here to download the Wounds Australia Petition

Social Media Kit

Wounds Australia is releasing a small number of social media templates and tiles you can share on a regular basis. These include tiles you can add to your profile photo and images with text you can simply post and share.

It is important to post these regularly and include the hashtags so there is a strong and consistent presence through the campaign.

The hashtags we are using are: #WoundsAustralia #WoundArmy #WoundChampion #Auspol @WoundsAustralia #AusVotes

Regular and repeated messages are very effective, so don’t hesitate to post and repost the same image and message over and over. Posting a tile or message every day is ideal, but anytime you do will help. Wounds Australia will remind members and supporters regularly about the social media resources.

Expect to see a post or message reminding you of ‘Today’s Wound Champion Action’.

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