Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce

A Taskforce to review the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) was established by the Commonwealth Department of Health to consider how the more than 5,700 items on the MBS can be aligned with contemporary clinical evidence and practice to improve health outcomes for patients. The Wound Management Working Group (WMWG) was established to provide advice to the Taskforce.

 Wounds Australia, as a key stakeholder, was invited to provide feedback concerning the recommendations outlined in the report prepared by the WMWG.

 Wounds Australia submission to WMWG identifies shortcomings in the current MBS item numbers for the treatment of acute wounds and sets out ways to reform the MBS items relating to chronic wound treatment that offer not only improved outcomes for patients but significant long-term savings for the Australian healthcare system.

 The feedback was submitted to the Working Group on 12 February 2020.

 The Wounds Australia submission group led by Dr Katy Melrose with the members of Associate Professor Geoff Sussman, Dr Heidi Gills, Dr Di Smith and, Dr Pat Aldons.

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