New technology tackling Australia’s hidden affliction of chronic wounds - 18 October 2017

Breakthrough health service Wound Innovations is using the latest technology to tackle Australia’s ‘hidden affliction’ of chronic wounds, which won’t heal or recur.

Few people are aware that chronic wounds are a serious health issue in Australia, impacting nearly half a million people a day and costing the health system $3 billion annually. The number of sufferers is expected to soar due to Australia’s ageing population, as people aged

65+ are most at risk.

Tragically, many Australians don’t get the right treatment. Instead, they suffer in silence, living with wounds for months or even years.

The two main barriers to treatment are a lack of awareness of chronic wounds - people may not realise they need specialist care - and access to care in regional and remote Australia.

Wound Innovations is overcoming both of these barriers, providing specialist care to patients anywhere across Australia in real-time via telehealth, and educating health professionals on best practice wound care. The service consists of a treatment clinic, telehealth facilities, and integrated research and education programs.

“The service has already had an incredible impact on the lives of patients,” said Dr Ian Griffiths, CEO of Wound Management Innovation CRC.

“One patient had previously been going to see his GP once a week for wound dressings to treat and chronic wound he had for many months,” Dr Griffiths said.

“Since admission to Wound Innovations, his wounds reduced in size by more than 80 percent within just three weeks of his first appointments - his wounds are expected to heal within two to four weeks.”