Wound Aware

The Wound Aware website was built to support our annual Wound Awareness Week which has been created to help raise awareness of chronic wounds across Australia. Each year we call on Wounds Australia members, members of the general public, health care professionals and those that have suffered with a chronic wound to show their support throughout the week.

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We are constantly adding new content to the website to provide advice on wound care and management. Whether you are looking to build a better understanding of wounds, need guidance on what you can do to prevent wounds, or advice on what to do if you have a chronic wound, make sure you visit the advice area on the website.

In 2018 we also released a series of videos on venous leg ulcers, diabetic wounds and pressure injuries to help raise awareness of some of the symptoms of chronic wounds and how to prevent them. These are available to watch on our website or if you would like a copy please contact us here.