Wounds Australia Submissions

Medicare Benefits Schedule Taskforce

Wounds Australia was invited to submit advice regarding new MBS item numbers for wound care, particularly chronic wounds, in 2019.  Following that submission, Wounds Australia was also invited to respond to the Draft report released by the MBS working group, in early 2020.  The main emphasis of our response was to highlight that practitioners other than General Practitioner’s should be eligible for the new items.  A summary of the report follows.  We await the final report and MBS item numbers from the MBS Wound Management Working Group.

Wounds Australia is supportive of the Draft Report from the Wound Management Working Group. We feel the Working Group’s desire to increase wound knowledge and training of those working in Primary care is a sound basis for the development of improved outcome for patients and our healthcare system.  The development of these new item numbers will assist this.  We support the concept of encouraged referral, especially as it will take time to increase the knowledge base at primary care level. We would encourage the working group to utilise the credentialing system already developed by Wounds Australia for identifying Wound Professionals (also known as wound experts/specialists in this document). 

We strongly feel that the new Compression item number would be appropriate for use by Wound Professionals. We strongly feel that the Debridement item number should be available to Wound Professionals.  The degree of training for these is significantly more than that required to develop the General Practitioner initial assessment.  We agree that the cost of consumables is a significant burden and development of system to overcome this would be beneficial.  Any system should be available to patients deemed appropriate regardless of where they receive their wound care (for example GP clinic, home visiting nursing service or Wound Professional).

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Royal Commission into Aged Care

The Royal Commission into Aged Care inquiry for Australian residential and home care services began in January 2019 and will continue until April 2020 when the elected commissioners will have their final report for submission with an interim report due by 31st October, 2019.

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