Wounds Australia Credentialing Committee

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Wounds Australia is seeking Expressions of Interest from the membership to join Wounds Australia’s Credentialing Committee.

The Credentialing Committee assesses applications submitted to Wounds Australia by members who seek to be awarded a Wounds Australia credential. They also champion the professional standing of Wounds Australia credentialing, and provide recommendations to Wounds Australia on the credentialing program.

Wounds Australia full and associate members are eligible to be appointed to the committee and must currently be a Wounds Australia Credentialed Advanced Wound Professional (WA-CAWP). The standard term of office for members of the Committee is three years and members may seek re-appointment to the committee for a second term.

The Credentialing Committee meets every 4-6 weeks, subject to credentialing applications received. Meetings are held by videoconference, or other electronic means. Committee members are required to be fully prepared for each meeting, having assessed credentialing submissions in advance, and to make every reasonable effort to attend each meeting.

If you have a passion for playing a vital role in the healthcare industry by qualifying healthcare professionals, thus ensuring the highest standards of clinical wound care from a safe, skilled and competent workforce, this is an excellent opportunity to help make a difference.

How to Apply

In no more than 250 words include: 

  • A description of the skills and attributes you would bring to the credentialing committee;
  • Your background and interest in credentialing and,
  • A two page Curriculum Vitae including your email address.

Please submit your EOI to
[email protected] by 24th September 2021.