Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Wounds Australia credentialing?

Wounds Australia credentialing establishes a national standard for practice in wounds management. It is:

  • the process by which an individual health professional is recognised as having met the established professional standards determined by Wound Australia.
  • a voluntary self-regulation process that validates the achievement of having met the standards through education, professional development, and practice over a period of time.

Health professionals who are awarded a Wounds Australia credential will be able to demonstrate to employers, professional colleagues, consumers, and carers that they have achieved the professional standard for practice in wound care.

What are the benefits of being a Wounds Australia credentialed professional in wound management?

The Wounds Australia credentialing program benefits include:

  • Wounds Australia recognition of your professional knowledge, experience, and scope of practice in wound management

  • A wound management credential awarded by the peak professional body which is a nationally recognised standard

  • Promotion of your enhanced credibility and guidance in wound management across a range of patient management situations

  • Patient confidence in a safe wound management experience provided by a Wounds Australia credentialed health professional

  • Contribution to improvements in clinical governance and patient outcomes with economic effects

The Wounds Australia Standards for Wound Prevention and Management(3e, 2016) underpin the expectations of practice  of health professionals who are awarded a credential. 

Q3. What are the Wounds Australia credentials available?

In recognition of the diversity of wound management professionals, there are two categories of Wounds Australia credentials:

The Wounds Australia Credentialed Wound Professional (WA-CWP)

  • demonstrates an ongoing commitment to evidence-based practice and the development of wound management in accordance with Wounds Australia standards; 
  • is a clinical health practitioner in any setting where there are patients requiring wound management; and, 
  • works in collaboration with or liaises with other experienced health practitioners regarding wound management, mentoring, and ongoing education. 

The Wounds Australia Credentialed Advanced Wound Professional (WA-CAWP)

  • demonstrates an ongoing commitment to evidence-based practice and leading the development of wound management in accordance with Wounds Australia standards;
  • is a health practitioner whose focus of practice is primarily wound management and advice; and, 
  • may contribute to wound management development through a range of leadership actions such as participation in Wounds Australia projects, advocacy, the education of others, contribution to policy and related health decision making, and research.

Q4. Who can apply for a Wounds Australia credential?

Wounds Australia credentialed wound management professionals must be health professionals registered to practice under national law by an Australian or New Zealand health practitioner regulation authority. For example:

  • In Australia –Podiatry Board, Nurses and Midwives Board, Pharmacy Board, Medical Board Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board; and,
  • In New Zealand – Podiatrists Board, New Zealand Nursing Council, Pharmacy Council, Medical Council.

If you are not currently registered to practice as one of the health professionals above, you cannot apply to become credentialed until you are registered.

In addition, you must become a member of Wounds Australia if you are not one already and hold relevant educational qualifications.

I am an Enrolled Nurse, am I eligible to apply to be credentialed?

Yes, you can apply if you are currently registered to practice nursing by a relevant authority with no limitations on your practice and can provide all the relevant information and documentation requested according to the criteria.

I work in wound management in New Zealand can I be credentialed?

You can apply for Wounds Australia credentialing if you meet the eligibility criteria. 

Q7. What is involved in becoming credentialed?

There are criteria that have been determined to reflect the standards and which need to be demonstrated in an application. This includes providing documentation as evidence that each criterion has been met. Once the application is submitted, it will be assessed by Wounds Australia assessors who are credentialed.

The application process is straight forward. It involves submitting all documentation through the Wounds Australia Credentialing Program online portal. There are guidelines to help you and support from the Wounds Australia office.

Q8. How do I start the process of credentialing?

Download the Wounds Australia Credentialing Program Package  and the Application Guide  from the Wounds Australia website.

The application process is an online process. It is important to have your documentation ready in PDF format ready to upload. The Application Guide provides the information that you will need to prepare. 

At any time, you can contact the Wounds Australia National Office for further information and guidance.

Q9. How long does it take to get a credential?

The process of Wounds Australia credentialing will take approximately 6-8 weeks provided all the information and documentation required is provided and complete at the time of the application.

Q10. How long is the credential valid?

A credential is awarded for a period of three years provided there are no changes to your registration status, and you maintain your membership of Wounds Australia. Before the end of three years, you will be invited to apply to renew your credential. 

Q11. What does it cost?

The Wounds Australia Credentialing Application fee is the cost associated with processing applications. It is not refundable. There is no annual Wounds Australia Credential fee.

The Wounds Australia Credentialing Application fees are:

  • WA-CWP - Members $250
  • WA-CAWP - Members $450

Where do I find my Wounds Australia membership number?

You can find your membership number from your membership portal or contact the National Office via email [email protected] or phone 1800 870 855 / 02 6189 0756.

Can I submit my credentialing application in hard copy?

The Wounds Australia application process is an online process. All documentation is required to be uploaded to the Wounds Australia Credentialing Program online portal in PDF format. Hard copies of documents are not accepted.

What documents do I need to submit?

The documents that are required are found in the Wounds Australia Credentialing Program Package and, when you apply, in the Application Guide.

Who will be assessing my application?

The Wounds Australia Credentialing Assessment Committee is responsible for the assessment of applications. Three individual members of the Committee assess the application and then a Committee meeting is held to make a recommendation.

Will I be contacted during the assessment process?

The Wounds Australia Credentialing and Assessment Committee may decide to contact an applicant for further information if appropriate.

What if I am unsuccessful? What happens?

You will be contacted by the Wounds Australia Credentialing and Assessment Committee and advised.

Will I get my fee refunded if I am unsuccessful?

The Wounds Australia credentialing fee paid when applying for a credential is an administration fee and is not refundable.

Do I have to be a continuous member of Wounds Australia if I am awarded a credential?

Yes. You will agree to do this in the Declaration section of the application.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact the Wounds Australia National Office via email [email protected] or phone 1800 870 855 / 02 6189 0756.