Endorsed CPD Activities

 Smith & Nephew Endorsed CPD Activities

Diabetic Foot Series -presented by Dr. Matthew Malone 

Smith+Nephew is proud to offer FREE access to new CLOSER TO ZERO online education in Advanced Wound Management.
Join us for this 3 part webinar series which provides an educational update on Diabetic Foot Assessment, Diabetic Foot Infection guidelines and the latest research in new technologies in better understanding infection. 
These webinars are based on current best practice principles, guidelines and evidence, and presented by global expert Dr Matthew Malone.
Each webinar provides approx. 45 minutes of continuing professional development (CPD) hours and a certificate of participation is provided.

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Pressure Injury Webinar Series presented by Wendy White 

Smith+Nephew is proud to offer FREE access to new CLOSER TO ZERO online education in Advanced Wound Management.
Joins us for this educational 7-part series that covers the latest evidence and best practice guidelines in pressure injury prevention and management.
The series is endorsed by  Wounds Australia and provides 6 CPD hours, certificates of participation are provided after each session.
Wendy will provide comprehensive insights into the 2019 International Pressure Injury Clinical Practice Guidelines, and how to apply the evidence into clinical practice,

Topics include:

Part 1: Mechanism of Injury:  Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start
Part 2: Risk assessment : Knowing who is at risk and why. It’s an individual thing
Part 3: Prevention: Turning words into actions
Part 4: Classification : Is it really THAT important to get the label right?
Part 5: Pressure injury and Incontinence associated dermatitis : Same, same but pretty different
Part 6: Pressure injury in older adult heels: What’s going on down there ?
Part 7: Pressure injury management -focus on infection … a clear and present danger

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There are many other free educational webinars and podcasts available on many wound care topics.
These online events are for health care professionals who are passionate about providing excellence in wound care and improving patient outcomes

Managing Complex Wounds in the Ageing Community. Speaker Wendy White

Managing Complex Wounds in the Ageing Community with guest speaker Wendy White.
Learn about evidence-based best practice for preventing and managing Skin Tears, Incontinence Associated Dermatitis and Pressure Injuries in the ageing population.

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Wound Management Seminars

The Wound Management Seminars (WMS) provides continuing professional development and education for health care professionals (HCPs). This is a fundamental level seminar for HCPs in all healthcare settings to provide an overview on wounds, wound healing, management, and current treatments.

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William Light Education – Wound Management Resources Program

The Wound Management Resource Program is a self-paced online education program that incorporates principles of holistic wound assessment and evidence-based management is commonly seen as acute and chronic wounds.  Webinars or clinical workshops with a wound management nurse practitioner are included in the program.

This program is also endorsed by the European Wound Management Association and the Australian Primary Care Nurses Association.

The Wound Management Resource Program is also listed on the Wounds Australia website under Wound Management Courses. Wound it be possible to amend the sentence regarding endorsement under course synopsis to the following:

This course is endorsed by Wounds Australia, the European Wound Management Association, and the Australian Primary Care Nurses Association.

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Coloplast HEAL Program


The HEAL programme is developed for healthcare professionals working with wounds in various kind of settings – in hospitals, in out-patient clinics or in community healthcare centres.

The programme aims to increase the knowledge of modern wound healing principles and best-practices among healthcare professionals, and thereby improve the standard of care for wound patients around the world.

By joining the programme, healthcare professionals are given access to wound care knowledge, treatment guidelines and other learning materials.

The program is developed in close collaboration with international wound care experts, the programme offers continuous learning to healthcare professionals through educational events, online trainings and sharing of best clinical practices.

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