Wounds Australia aims to support members in extending their wound care experience by participating in meaningful community service or work placement in remote or disadvantaged areas of Australia or internationally. Established in 2015 by the Victorian branch of Wounds Australia, the award is named after Ms Jan Rice in recognition of her outstanding contribution to volunteering and supporting those in developing countries and disaster areas in the field of wound management and is now open to Wounds Australia members nationally.


Wounds Australia is pleased to offer the Jan Rice Volunteer Service Award for Wounds Australia members undertaking a project that involves a volunteering activity or work placement related to wound management care or education. It provides a valuable opportunity to gain a different perspective, make a contribution and challenge oneself both personally and professionally.

The award is allocated for a voluntary activity or working placement in a remote or disadvantaged area that enhances the wound management knowledge and/or skills of a member of Wounds Australia or provides wound management or skill development to those in remote or disadvantaged areas in Australia or internationally that can be shared with fellow Wounds Australia members.


The award is A$3000 for an Wounds Australia member to be spent within 12 months of receiving the award.


Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:
1. An individual has been a member of Wounds Australia for a minimum of 4 years
2. An individual can only receive only one the Jan Rice Volunteer Award once. Previous recipients are not eligible to apply again.to ensure equal opportunity and access for all Wounds Australia members. As such to be eligible, the applicant must have not received the award in the past.
3. The proposed project involves either a voluntary activity or a work placement that must be related to wound management.
4. The proposed project will be undertaken in a remote and disadvantaged area of Australia or an overseas location.
5. The project must be an activity to be undertaken in association with an established charitable, educational, governmental or other non-profitable organisation. Proof of the engaged organisation must be provided with submission. The purpose of going with an established aid agency is that safety issues are managed or considered.
6. Clarity of project aim, the people to be benefited by the project including the benefit sustainability, expected outcomes, plans and the relevance of the project to wound management.
7. Activities may include but are not limited to project costs, travel costs and/or accommodation expenses associated with activity or placement etc.
8. Availability of a budget that lists costs associated with this project that specified: Expected total costs • Funding being sought • What the Wounds Australia funding will be used for • If any other funding has been sought or obtained from other sources
9. Demonstrated capacity of the organising individual to fulfil the requirements of the project plan and award requirements
10. In the event that there are no suitable candidates an award will not be presented that year


Applications are to be completed using the Wounds Australia Grants and Scholarships application process:

To find out more about the guidelines click here.

To apply online click here or to download a printable application form click here.

Applicants must submit an attachment that addresses the additional specific criteria for the Jan Rice Volunteer Service Award.


All individuals or groups will be required to:
• Present at the next biennial Wounds Australia Conference about their experiences and what has been gained or achieved with respect to wound management knowledge and insights.
• Provide a report (approx 500 words) of the activity for the Wounds Australia newsletter, DeepesTissues within 6 months of the project being completed.
• Advise Wounds Australia of any changes to the project as specified in the original application for the Jan Rice Volunteer Service Award