The next round of Wounds Australia scholarships will be announced shortly and new information will be uploaded on the website.

Professional Development Scholarships

Professional Development Scholarships are provided to support members to undertake professional development, there is up to $29,000 in funding available annually. They can be used for a wide range of professional development opportunities including:

  • Short courses
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Conferences
  • Face to face or online
  • Local, state, national or international activities.

These activities can be Wounds Australia events or delivered by other organisations. As long as the professional development opportunity will help you contribute to Wounds Australia's Vision and Mission, you can apply for a scholarship. There is no maximum amount that can be awarded, although if you have been a member for less than 3 years, you are only eligible to receive up to $1,000.

To find out more about the guidelines click here.

To apply online click here or to download a printable application form click here.

Please note that tertiary education (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) courses provided by the universities are ineligible under the Wounds Australia Scholarship Program.

Local Scholarships

We have several state-specific scholarships available to our members depending on where you live in Australia and if you fit our eligibility criteria. Each scholarship is designed to help support you in some way towards developing your knowledge and understanding of wounds. You can find out more about each of our local scholarships below:

To find out more about the guidelines click here.

To apply online click here or to download a printable application form click here.

Jan Rice Volunteer Service Award

The Jan Rice Volunteer Service award was established in 2015 by the Victorian branch of Wounds Australia after Ms Jan Rice in recognition of her outstanding contribution to volunteering and supporting those in developing countries and disaster areas in the field of wound management and is now open to Wounds Australia members nationally.

A message from Jan:

I have always considered volunteer service as a privilege. We all have the ability to help others, in whatever small way being there, listening to their stories, offering suggestions as to how they solve some of the problems they are encountering—every little idea can become life changing for some. It is always a two way win –because the more you give the more you get---the smile given when you help someone problem solve has no monetary value on it but will stay with you for a lifetime.

In order to help you with your application, I would advise to choose the organisation that has a good reputation, ensure you are at your best in health as working in resource poor communities can be physically taxing on your body, wear functional practical clothing and if taking resources they must be sustainable otherwise don’t take them.

To find out more about the Jan Rice Volunteer Service Award, and how to apply click here .

Sandy Dean Memorial Grant

On the 22nd April 2015 the Australian Wound Management Association (Now Wounds Australia) lost an esteemed colleague, mentor and friend, Sandy Dean,  who was widely recognised for making a difference in wound management and ultimately for people with chronic and complex wounds. Sandy was a Fellow of the Australian Wound Management Association, past AWMA National Nursing Representative, past President of AWMA Victoria and a leader in the field of wound management.

The Sandy Dean Memorial Grant is named in recognition and commemoration of Sandy's extraordinary work in wound management. Over the years, Sandy played a vital role in educating others, caring for people with wounds and updating clinical practice guidelines to provide a foundation for future practice especially in the area of pressure injury prevention. Her legacy provided the foresight to recognise the importance of supporting members to enhance their professional development through education and networking with other professionals particularly through attendance at major conferences.

The Sandy Dean Memorial Grant is aimed at supporting members to attend a State or International conference in the field of wound management to promote the networking and professional development Sandy was so very passionate about. You can apply to receive up to $3000 per grant.

To find out more about the Sandy Dean Memorial Grant, and how to apply click here .

Conference Awards

Every two years we run our Wounds Australia National Conference at a different state in Australia. This is Australia’s flagship event for those that have an interest in wound care as people from all over the country come together to discuss wound issues, exchange ideas and develop their knowledge and understanding of wounds. To assist our members with attending the conference, you can apply to win up to $1500 per award.

Research Grants

Preventing wound occurrence and improving wound care are the primary goals of Wounds Australia. Under the leadership of the Research Portfolio, Wounds Australia offers funding of either $5,000 or $10,000 towards a research project. In return, we request that projects are completed in time to present the findings at the following Wounds Australia conference, two years later. 

Frequently Asked Questions – and their answers

1. Who can apply for a scholarship? 
If you are a Wounds Australia member(full individual, associate or life) you can apply for a number of scholarships. Only corporate industry and corporate organisation members are ineligible.

2. I’ve only just become a member this year. How long do I have to wait? 
There is no wait. It just means you can only claim up to $1000. Those who have held their membership for more than three consecutive years can claim over this amount.

3. What can I spend the money on?
The scholarship aims to support members with conference or short course registration fees, travel costs associated with attending a conference, a short course or the Watching Others Work (WOW) program and accommodation expenses associated with the period of the conference, short course or WOW program. We couldn’t possibly list everything, so put in the application, just in case!

4.Are there any courses or activities that I can't apply for? 
The only thing restricted is formal education. You CAN NOT apply for funds relating to undergraduate or postgraduate units or university courses.

5. So what’s the catch? 
You will need to write an article for Wounds Australia’s magazine, DeepesTissues about your activity, so we can share knowledge and encourage other members to apply for scholarships.  Wounds Australia also reserves the right to publish grant and scholarship recipients on its website, newsletters, and in other forums. 

6. Can I apply every year?
Yes, you can, but preference will be given to those who have not received a scholarship before. The team that assesses the applications look at this and also other things such as if the person applying is from a rural or remote location, to help rank the applications.

7. Am I guaranteed to get the money if I apply?
Like with any scholarship application process, there is no guarantee. Your application will be judged according to the criteria set out on the scholarships web page along with the other applicants’ submissions.
Wounds Australia works hard to give away all of the funds allocated for each scholarship period, but it does take time to get through the assessment process, so have a plan B, just in case.