Wound Awareness Week took place from 15th – 21st July, 2019. With the theme “Let’s Talk About Wounds”, our goal was to get people talking about the rising issue of wounds. Chronic wounds affect over half a million Australians every day and are much more common than people realise. Many individuals don’t know the wound warning signs, therefore suffer for longer than necessary as they don’t know their wound can be treated.

The aim of Wound Awareness Week was to reach out to all, to help us spread awareness of what wounds are, who’s at risk and what someone should do if they have a wound that won’t heal.

Visit our website www.woundaware.com.au to know more about our initiative.

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8th July 2019:
Seven days until Wound Awareness Week - Let's Talk About Wounds   Download Here

15th July 2019:  Professor Fiona Wood announced as Ambassador for Wound Awareness Week  Download Here  
                              Wounds Australia calls on government to support the 5-Point Plan   Download Here

16th July 2019: Why we have Wound Awareness Week?  Download Here  
Wounds Australia calls for action on out of pocket costs    Download Here

17th July 2019: Wound Awareness Week is the time to talk about wounds   Download Here  

18th July 2019: Wounds Australia delivering for members   Download Here  
Becoming a better healthcare provider with Wounds Australia   Download Here

19th July 2019: Talk to older family members the Wound Awareness Week   Download Here

20th July 2019: How aware of wounds are you?   Download Here

21st July 2019:
Why we have Wound Awareness Week? 
  Download Here


Wound Awareness Week 2019 - Public Health Message

Wound Awareness Week 2019 for Members

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