Managing Wounds as a Team

Accessing the variety of health care services required by people living with a wound can be a complex and often confusing experience. Similar challenges are frequently faced by health care personnel as they seek to navigate the many referral processes to coordinate a package of services for a client. Whilst the term interdisciplinary care is frequently used in wound management literature, detailed descriptions and pragmatic solutions for the implementation and operation of these are frequently missing. Questions such as; "how is time allocated to team meetings?", "how should funding models be changed to accommodate a team approach?", "can varied access to a medical record be achieved?" or "what facilitates mutual respect in the team?" are often not addressed. The Managing Wounds as a Team position document attempts to address such deficits. It has been developed as a collaboration between the AAWC, AWMA, and EWMA and is aimed at providing pragmatic advise for clinicians wishing to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the service provided to the client.

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