Having access to evidence-based clinical research ensures that our members can deliver quality wound care to the Australian community. It’s for this reason that we have made our standards and guidelines free to download on our website to all our users. Our publications cover a variety of different wounds and are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the information you are receiving is always up-to-date. We’ve also made hard copies of our publications available to purchase at the Online Store (our members receive a heavily discounted rate).

If this sounds like something you would benefit from then you can find out more about each of our publications below. If you would like permission to reproduce information in the Wounds Australia publications then please fill out our form Here .

Guidelines to reproduce extracts from Wounds Australia documents

This guideline is to be read and completed by person/s or service provider/s wanting to reproduce extracts from Wounds Australia publications.

Extracts include text, flow charts, tables, diagrams, photographs or other material within Wounds Australia publications.

Reproduction might include, but are not limited to using extracts within:
  •  Educational materials; including online, electronic and printed
  •  Posters, brochures and pamphlets
  •  Policy documents and tools

By completing the form above the person or service provider is granted permission to use the extracts for the above purposes within the specified guidelines.
For use outside these guidelines or for any questions regarding reproduction of extracts from Wounds Australia publications please contact Wounds Australia at [email protected].

Guidelines for the reproduction of extracts from Wounds Australia publications

  • Wounds Australia does not permit extracts from draft documents/publications to be reproduced.
  • Definitions from a glossary may be reproduced without completing the form.
  • Permission to reproduce extracts will be provided for a specific use or inclusion in a specific document/publication. Each reproduction of extracts for inclusion in additional documents/publications will require separate approval.
  • All reproductions of extracts must be accompanied by the acknowledgment: “Reproduced with permission of Wounds Australia. All rights reserved”.
  • Wounds Australia reserves the right to decline permission to reproduce extracts from publications at their discretion

Extracts may be used within the provisions of Copyright law and regulations

The International Guideline - General Statement on use of 2019 Pressure Injury Guideline content
Please visit the website  for the permission process of using the contents of the 2019 Guideline.


Aseptic Technique in Wound Dressing Procedure


This document has been developed by Wounds Australia to support healthcare professionals in the application of aseptic technique in wound dressing procedure.

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Standards for Wound Prevention and Management (Third Edition) (2016)


This evidence-based document provides a framework for promoting best practice in wound prevention and management. The Standards are a valuable tool for guiding clinical practice and the development of policies, procedures and education programs. The

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Australian and New Zealand Clinical Practice Guideline for Prevention and Management of Venous Leg U


This guideline was developed by the Australian Wound Management Association and the New Zealand Wound Care Society. It presents a comprehensive review of the assessment, diagnosis, management and prevention of venous leg ulcers within the Australian.

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Managing Wounds as a Team (2014)


Accessing the variety of health care services required by people living with a wound can be a complex and often confusing experience. Similar challenges are frequently faced by health care personnel as they seek to navigate the many referral processe

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eHealth in Wound Care


This document aims to provide wound care clinicians with a rapid and structured overview of the key issues related to use of eHealth applications (telemedicine and telehealth) within wound care.

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